Dr. Reiner Zimmermann

Dr. Reiner Zimmermann is currently the Head of the Research and Lessons Learned Division at NATO Energy Centre of Excellence. There, he investigates energy security related technological, political and ecological developments with relevance for the military and civil societies. Focus is on renewable energy production and distribution, energy efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions, carbon capture options, and climate change effects on energy security for NATO nations and partners.

He is an experienced scientist with a demonstrated history of working in research and teaching at internationally renowned research institutes and universities. He is the leader of the Forest Ecology and Remote Sensing Group at the University of Hohenheim-Stuttgart, Germany.

He is a visiting Professor at the City University of New York, Earth Sciences Department and the Universidad LaMolina in Lima at the Faculdad Forestal. Previous assignments were with the Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany and the California Institute of Technology CALTEC at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Radar Sciences Group in Pasadena, California. His academic publication record includes 110 peer-reviewed publications in international journals and more than one hundred technical reports.

His active military career was with the German Army Paratrooper’s Long Range Reconnaissance Special Forces and later as an infantry unit commander and liaison officer to the US Forces. He then moved to the German MOD and is currently serving as Subject Matter Expert and Deputy Director (Colonel, OF-5 R) for Environmental Matters at the German Ministry of Defense.