Luca Bergamaschi

Luca Bergamaschi is co-founder and Executive Director of ECCO, a climate-change related think-tank based in London, He was previously Associate Fellow in the Energy, Climate and Resource programme at the Italian Institute of International Affairs (IAI). He provides analyses and stakeholder engagement on climate change and the energy transition, with a specific focus on the geopolitics of climate, European policies and the climate risk impacts on security and the economy.

Luca is also Senior Associate at the climate change think tank E3G where he worked on assessing risk factors of instability in the Middle East and North Africa region, with a focus on the intersection between climate, energy and resource security in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. During the 2017 G7 Italian Presidency, Luca was responsible for the energy and climate negotiations of the G7/G20 Sherpa Office in the Italian Prime Minister’s Office.