Pınar İpek

Pınar İpek is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations, at TOBB Economics and Technology University in Ankara, Turkey. She holds a B.A. from Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University and a M.B.A from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She completed her PhD in international affairs at University of Pittsburgh in 2003. Her research interests include energy security, the EU’s energy policy, geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean hydrocarbon resources, political economy of oil and gas in the Central Asia and the Middle East regions, energy transition in developing countries, and Turkey’s state-business relations within the context of local modalities of capitalist development in global political economy. Her articles are published in scholarly journals such as Foreign Policy Analysis, Europe-Asia Studies, Middle East Journal, Middle Eastern Studies, Turkish Studies (to be published), Middle East Policy, European Integration online Papers, Perceptions: Journal of International Affairs. She has also two book chapters on Turkey’s energy security.